The Lodge is the central meeting place measuring 60 ft x 35 ft.  It has a covered open-air pavilion, fireplace, deck, large floor area, kitchen and a bunk suite on the 2nd level.

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On the ground level of the Lodge is the Kitchen measuring 35 ft x 20 ft.  The room is equipped with 3 large refrigerator / freezers, 1 half-height freezer, 2 ovens w/ range, a microwave oven and stainless steel sink / wash basin.  Adjoining the kitchen is a bathroom with sink, shower and commode.   

Bunk Suite


On the upper level of the Lodge is the Bunk Suite measuring 35 ft x 20 ft.  It has 6 bunk beds to accommodate 12 persons, a vaulted ceiling, heating and A/C, view of the lake, and bathroom with vanity, shower and commode. 

Bath House


The Bath House, measuring 26 ft x 17 ft.  is gender divided with both sides identically equipped with 2 large showers, 3 commodes and a vanity.  On the east exterior wall are 3 outside swim-rinse showers.  Entrance door signs are changeable to accommodate single gender events, i.e., all male or all female. 

Tent Pads


20 tent pads constructed of treated lumber and suspended off the ground are dispersed in 3 areas on the property. Each pad measures 10 ft x 10 ft to accommodate a tent and 2 campers.   Ground space around the pads are available for additional tents.  



After unloading your campers and equipment to their designated camp area, return to this location near the property entrance to park your vehicle.  


52 persons are considered full capacity, i.e., the bunk suite (12) and tent pads (40).  However, if open ground areas are agreeable to you for additional tents and/or tent-less campers, the capacity is limited only by kitchen and restroom facilities.