The group rate is $300 per night which covers the first 10 campers, e.g., both youth and adults.  For head-counts exceeding 10, add $10 per camper per night to the price. 


15 campers

$300 + (5 campers x $10, or $50) = $350 per night

$350 x 2 nights = $700 total price 

For groups with 10 persons or less, $300 per night is the minimum.

1 adult leader is required for every 5 youth.

Be sure your head-count is accurate and committed as there are no refunds for persons who do not show.  If on the other hand more persons than originally projected end up attending, an additional payment will be required for the head-count increase.


A 20% non-refundable deposit ($140 in this example) is required to secure your reservation. Once your reservation request is received by our office, it will be entered on our Calendar showing a 'Pending' status.  To secure your reservation and have the status changed to 'Confirmed', please remit your deposit to: 

Leroy A. Watson Jr. 

1908 Warwick Circle East

Longview, TX 75601

with the check payable to: Leroy A. Watson, Jr. Trustee.  

Please note that if the deposit is not received in a timely manner after you have received our invoice, pending reservations could expire without notice to allow other clients that time slot.  To avoid this situation we ask that you keep us informed often through the Contact Us page regarding your payment status. 

If the deposit has been mailed and sufficient time has passed for the mail to arrive at our office, and you do not see a confirmed reservation status please Contact Us.

Also available for an additional charge of $50 per night is a 30 ft x 10 ft Bungalow for use as a medical station or added accommodation.  The Bungalow has 1 bedroom, 1 bath, kitchen, living room and is air conditioned.

The Process

1. Send us your Reservation Request

2. Upon receipt we will add your request to the reservation calendar as a 'Pending' event.

3. and will email you a preliminary invoice.  Sample Invoice.

4. Mail us your 20% non-refundable deposit as shown on the invoice.

5. Upon receipt of said deposit we will change your reservation status to 'Confirmed'.

6. and will email you a deposit receipt / secondary invoice showing the remaining balance.  

7. which balance is due on or before the first day of your stay.  Along as you notify us that your final payment is in the mail on or before the first day, you're good to go.  Please do not physically bring a check and hand it to the host.

8. Upon receipt of the final payment we will email you a final 'Paid in Full' invoice / receipt.