2. DRINKING WATER  -  Bring your own supply of drinking water as the well water does not taste as good.

3. LIFEGUARDS  -  Lifeguards are not available.  A limited number of life vests are available on request.

4. TENT PADS  -  are 10 ft x 10 ft at 20 locations.  #1-18 share a fire pit (2 tent pads per 1 cooking fire pit), #19-22 have their own fire pit.  Electricity is not available at campsites.

5. COOKING FIRE PITS  -  are 24 inches in diameter equipped with a wire grid-top.  Bringing your own charcoal is advised.  There is one large fire pit for mass tin foil dinner or Dutch-Oven cooking.  Each campsite must have a 5 gallon bucket of water (Legacy provided) in case of fire.

6. LEGACY WILL PROVIDE  -  Toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, cleaning supplies and 5 gallon water buckets for campsite fire pits.  Any other item you anticipate needing in the kitchen or otherwise must be self-supplied.  Plan well.

7. TRASH  -  Trash bags are stored in the first floor Lodge closet.  When full, tie and place at curbside.  Periodic trash runs will be made by the Legacy Host.   Any trash produced after the final trash run will be your responsibility to take with you.

8. SEPTIC SYSTEM  -  Toilet paper only!  Do not throw feminine products, baby wipes, paper towels, or even excessive amounts of toilet paper down toilets as a clogged septic system will result.  This will be an important inspection point prior to your departure.  If it becomes necessary for Legacy to call a service, you will be billed.

9. BATHROOMS & SHOWERS  -  must be checked and cleaned daily by assigned campers (which you assign).

10. MESS KITS  -  Mess kits (plate, bowl, cup & silverware) are advised to reduce paper goods and trash levels.

11. RV HOOK-UPS  -  Any RV needing an electrical hook-up is $10 per day.  There are no sewer, water, or dump station hook-ups available.

12. GENERATORS  -  are not permitted unless for a medical necessity.  See Legacy Host.

13. PRIVATE HOMES  -  All homes on the premises are off limits.  Thank you.

14. PERSONAL ITEMS LEFT  -  Remember to take all personal items with you.  Abandoned items will be disposed of.

15. FINAL INSPECTION  -  The Legacy Host will inspect all facilities and grounds before your departure.  Any additional cost or required maintenance on our part will result in an additional invoice.

16. CHECK IN & OUT TIMES  -  Check-In time is 12:00 pm (noon) on your first day.  Check-Out time is 1:00 pm on your last day.  Contact us in advance if adjustments are necessary.

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