Liability Consent Policy

Attendee acknowledges that natural hazards are possible and could be encountered, such as drowning, snake bites and insect bites to name a few.  In consideration of this, attendee agrees to release the Watson Family Trust from any and all claims and causes of action which could arise from attendee's presence on the property.  

Attendee hereby agrees and assumes all responsibility and risk associated with swimming, boating, water sports, hiking, camping, recreational or on-off road vehicles, bikes, or motor sports, the use of firearms and any / all other activities and hereby releases the Trust and all their properties and their agents of any and all liability or negligence that may occur during attendee's stay at Legacy Lake.   Hunting is not permitted.

If you book a reservation, please download and print copies of our Liability Consent form for distribution to each member of your group.  There are two forms: 1) Youth Attendee and 2) Adult Leader, which are required for admittance to Legacy Lake.  Please ensure all forms are properly signed and handed to the Legacy Lake Host on or before the first day of your stay.